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Massage Services

What Can You Expect From A Typical Massage Session?

The techniques used in each session will allow you to gain immediate results that will last, even in the most complicated and challenging conditions. After the initial functional assessment to start, the session may include Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques; Neurokinetic Therapy; myofascial release; scar tissue mobilization techniques; The Hesch Method; and a variety of other options in addition to stretching and individual client home care strengthening protocols. You will wear shorts and/ or sports bra, or you may simply have a towel draped over you with just the area that is being treated visible.

Orthopedic massage

Instead of a single technique, a orthopedic massage or OM is a comprehensive system involving therapeutic assessment followed by the movement and manipulation of soft tissues in order to relieve pain and resolve dysfunction. In the practice of OM, the focus is on restoring function and structural balance in the body to treat and prevent musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Addressing the pain and dysfunction from trauma-induced injuries as well as pain caused by postural imbalances that is being exacerbated through daily activities, OM takes a multidisciplinary approach in its resolutions. The most common orthopedic conditions stem from postural imbalances caused by poor work ergonomics, scar tissue from surgery or traumatic injury and sports injuries.

OM is successfully used to identify and correct many conditions, including: whiplash injuries; back spasm and back pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; scar tissue complications; tendinitis; tendinosis; knee pain; ITB problems; compressed disks; plantar fascitis and foot pain; bursitis; shin splints; anterior compartment syndrome; chondromalacia patella; tennis elbow; thoracic outlet syndrome; rotator cuff injuries; frozen shoulder; cervical pain; rib fixations; SI joint and iliac dysfunction; forward head postures; coccyx and sacral dysfunction; scoliosis; Dowager’s Humps; and sciatica.

Is A Orthopedic Massage For You?

Almost everyone can benefit from this massage. If you find that you knead and roll away at a specific spot somewhere on your body that just won’t relent, you may find relief in OM. If you have a back, neck or knee that gives you trouble every now and then, you may find that OM is a solution to those pain. You don’t have to live with the pain or discomfort that is caused by repetitive movements and work habits like slouching in your computer chair, sitting for long periods, and other trauma from physically demanding jobs. OM is designed for resolving chronic injuries whether you have had them officially diagnosed or not.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is an exceptionally effective way to release tension and chronic pain in the body. This massage is designed to specifically treat the connective tissue in the body that has become damaged through chronic holding patterns or direct injury.

This tissue can become thickened and shortened as a result of the damage, and can cause pain in varioius locations. This results in the underlying structures being pulled out of alignment which lays the foundation for tension and chronic pain. This pain spreads out and can be felt in other areas of the body apart from the original site of tension.

Using slow, firm pressure, deep tissue massage is directed at the deep layers of muscle and damaged tissue. This intense form of massage works to lengthen the shortened muscle fibers and breaks up the areas that have been thickened, which in turn helps the tissue to regain its elasticity.

In addition to treating shortened and thickened muscle fibers, deep tissue massages are very effective in breaking muscle adhesions and scar tissue, even on old injuries from years before. This results in proper oxygen and blood flow being restored to the tight muscles and a release of the toxins that have been stored in those muscles.

It is normal for there to be some soreness after a deep tissue massage; and your therapist will give you stretching techniques that are designed to help in the healing process. You will also be reminded to drink plenty of water. The soreness from a deep tissue massage should not last for longer than 2 days if the massage is done properly.